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NYC November Trip 2010

Gordon and I took an Onondaga Coach bus trip to NYC to see the city and the Rockettes @ Radio City. We left @ 6am and arrived @ Macy’s at 11:30am. We met a friend for lunch @ Eatery NYC – corner of 9th and 53rd. We walked over to Radio City for the 4pm show. We got in line with everyone else. We were in the first Mezzanine row H with the first 2 aisle seats. They were great seats. The show is the same as last year. After the show, we headed to the grand lounge to see the Martha Stewart Winter wonderland exhibit. It is all white christmas trees with red and white ornaments. We picked up our free ornaments and then headed for the new Disney Store in Times Square.

The new store is much smaller than the original store on 5th ave. Its not as nice as the original store. I’m not sure how it’s going to be during the holiday shopping season. It was very crowded and it was hard to shop in the store.

We walked back to Macy’s, grabbed dinner @ Cucina, picked up a roasting pan and hopped on the bus. We were back home at 1am.

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