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Magic Wing Butterfly Garden

It was a perfect weekend to visit Deerfield MA and 2 of my favorite hidden gems – Magic Wing Butterfly Garden and Yankee Candle. Magic Wing is a ten minute drive from Yankee candle. They offer an AAA discount to current members. Regular admission for adults is $12. Unlike many butterfly gardens, there is no timed admission and no time limit with the butterflies. The one rule I must follow is no tripods or monopods.

There are 2 sections to the garden – the section as you enter is heavily vegetated and reminds me of a rain forest. The next section is bright and sunny. There are plenty of places to sit and watch the butterflies and moths. One thing to remember is due to the tropical nature of the gardens, it gets warm and humid indoors so wear layers which you can remove as you get adjusted to the tempatures.

2 comments on “Magic Wing Butterfly Garden

  1. Shirley
    November 16, 2010

    Jim, this looks spectacular. Thank you for sharing this magical place with us!

  2. Debbie House
    November 16, 2010

    OH I love butterflies.. So nice that you have places to go and photograph them all together.. Here in my town.. we have to be at the right place and time to see one fly by or when they migrate..Thanks for sharing the worlds beauty thur a lense. Hugs, Debbie

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