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Sonnenberg Gardens

Gordon and I visited Sonnenberg Mansion and Gardens in Canandaugia NY.  This was the home of the Thompsons from the late 1880’s thru the mid 1920’s.  After Mrs Thompson’s death the house was given to her nephew who in turn sold the estate and farm land to the federal government to open a new veteran’s hospital servicing western New York State.  The new hospital was built on the farm land behind the main house and gardens.  The mansion housed doctors and nurses working at the hospital.  During WWII, all the ironwork was donated to the war effort.

The house and gardens were eventually sold to a not for profit group which ran the mansion and gardens for a number of years.  New York State Parks now runs the mansion and gardens.  A major fund raiser is ongoing to help restore the home and gardens to their original glory.  This summer the focus is on restoring the outside fountains and pools.

This fall a visiting exhibit is on loan from the Smithsonian showing the White House Gardens.Sonnenberg Mansion

During our visit, Iris, Peonies, Lupines, Poppies, Columbines were in bloom.  The roses were getting to bloom.  Wisteria was still blooming next to the front porch.

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