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Updating your Twitter profile

twitterThis comes from a member of my photo meetup group.


It is fun to create your own personal background. 
You create it by using Photoshop or Photoshop Elements.

I took notes from the video, hope they make sense: 
Here is my twitter site with the background I created – so you have an idea: 

1. Create: 
size: 1920 x 1200 pixels
resolution: 72
background: white

2. Set Guides: 
New Guide
1. Horizontal 65 px
2. Horizontal 565 px
3. Horizontal 705 px
4. Vertical 25 px
5. Vertical 185 px
6. Vertical 200 px

3. Set background color 
select a solid color and check the box under 
the color’s box that says: “Only Web Colors” 

4. Select Shapes and add a shape to your background – play with it – stretch it, scew it, change it up a bit and then change the color of it – 

5. After you have created this new background – save it as a “.gif” file under “Save for Web & Devices” 

6. Open your twitter account and select 
Change background image
(find your “.gif” file and select) 
click on “Save Changes” 

Your new background should open up… but one key point, it must be small in “KB” / mine is 84.90 KB

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